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 We are Proof 

that Sustainable Tourism can be done 

Pirate Snorkeling Shack is a young, dynamic, explorer and adventurer in love with the natural beauty of Puerto Rico. Founded in 2013, Pirate Snorkeling Shack is dedicated to exploring, discovering and preserving natural areas in Cabezas de San Juan Natural Reserve, Ensenada Yegua, Fajardo Puerto Rico.​

 Nature is full of life, color and motion and we want all people to observe the wonder of the natural world. We want our visitors sharpen your senses, listen to the melody of the sea, feel the textures of nature, observe the colors of the ocean, to raise awareness of the importance of nature conservation.


Reserva Natural Cabezas de San Juan, Ens

 Sustainable Tourism 

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Pirate Snorkeling specializes in introducing guests to the amazing underwater life and natural beauty of the protected area of Cabezas de San Juan natural Reserve Ensenada Yegua, Fajardo. We are passionate about marine-life and eco-tourism and hope that our guests are inspired to make a commitment to protect our oceans and marine-life too.  

We ask that you do not touch coral, fish, or turtles and please, never feed the fish anything a human would eat. Help our reefs and oceans by using sustainable practices such as reef safe sunscreen, reusable water bottles, and reusable cups. We have all items available for purchase here Click Here to Buy. Our custom reusable cups come with two covers, two re-usable straws, and freezable ice cubes. Order here or call ahead and we can customize it with your name!

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the amount or type of fish you will see on our tours. We do not feed the fish to bring them close to visitors. This is harmful to the fish’s natural diet and it interferes with their natural feeding cycles.

Yes, We are Pirate

Undoubtedly Pirate Snorkeling Shack offers the experience of life, to show the natural wonder that provides our shores. We distinguish ourselves by providing educational information and our commitment is that our visitors can learn by observing, experimenting and be amazed by nature.​​

Once again we are an example, that tourism should not be based on the destruction of our only place. It must be in accordance with the sustainable management of natural resources. They must express respect, admiration and harmony with the resources around us.



Paradise Await You!

The coasts of Puerto Rico is distinguished by beautiful and warm beaches. Pirate Snorkeling Shack is located at Cabezas de San Juan Natural Reserve, Ensenada Yegua, Fajardo Puerto Rico. These cove is known also as Seven Seas Beach.

Marine Paradise

Cabezas de San Juan, Ensenada Yegua is one of the most important natural reserves in the area east of Puerto Rico. Located 50 minutes from the capital, San Juan, has the sandy beaches and the steep rocky are habitat of marine and migratory birds. The lands and waters of the reserve are refuge and breeding grounds for endangered species, including the manatee and the sea turtle. The reefs and the keys of the coast are natural extensions of the mainland and protect the clear and placid waters with their coral formations and their luxuriant marine life. Beautiful beach make this a special place for kayaking and snorkeling. Come and enjoy with us the natural beauty that Puerto Rico has.

Coral and Sea Grass

Cabezas de San Juan is an area of ​​high ecological value with little swell activity, and protected by a barrier of coral reefs. This barrier of corals includes: Acropora Palmata, Porites Asteroides, Lobophora Variegata, Gorgonia Plabellum among others. Among this marine life is a great variety of fish such as the Arrayado (Lutjanus synagris), Yellow Snapper (Lutjanus apodus), Leon Fish (Pterois volatans), Palometa (Trachinotus goodei), Mariposa (Chaeton capistratus) Stripe (Sasyatis americana) Chucho (Aetobatus narinari) Cat (ginglymostoma cirratum), Picua (Sphyraena barracuda) among others.


This is a beach of deposition of marine herbs, algae and fish giving way to a great marine life. Among the species of herbs are that it consists of species such as: Halophila decipiens, Halophila englemannii. Syringoduim filiforme, Halodule beaudettei, Thalassia testudunum. Also included are algae such as: Derbesia sp., Halimeda sp. Turbine turbinata, Ventricaria 

Star fish at Cabezas de San Juan Ensenad
DSC03221 2.JPG

Safety is Our Priority

Our tours and led by some of the most experienced guides in Puerto Rico. We strive to exceed every customer’s expectations. Whether embarking on our personally guided eco-tours, night snorkeling, or snorkeling for your first time, safety is our priority and our staff will provide expert guidance and follow safety protocols at all times, allowing you to relax and enjoy the natural beauty and diverse marine-life of the area.

Health & Safety Policy

From the first day, we comply with the general rules of Public Health and guarantee as far as possible the safety of our employees and customers.

All of our employees have training on the correct way to disinfect and clean our rental equipment. Kayak, SUP, snorkeling gear, chair & Umbrella and all equipment are cleaned, sanitized with EPA "N List" sanitizers, and dried before reuse. 


Keeping our equipment in optimal conditions ensures that our employees and visitors can have a wonderful day in the paradise.

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